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Sly Cooper News
Just to let you Sly fans know!
Sadly the movie is shelved for now but not cancelled.
But the news is that there comes a Sly Cooper Tv Series.
And one of the creators is involved too!
That is all I'm allowed to say, sorry.
So please no notes asking for more info because I promised to keep the rest of the info secret! ;)
I will update this Journal entry if I'm allowed to tell more! :la
:iconverona7881:Verona7881 29 106
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I have an interesting problem. I have the money to buy vectors for my ponysona to use for pony videos or other videos (if i get one of my fursona which i have the money for too). However, I don't have a PayPal account. Is there anyone out there who'd accept money orders (I know better then to send actual money in the mail)
Tennance FLeur 2.0
I asked :iconfallenwish-creations: what she thought about my look. And there was much constructive criticism and ideas on how to change it. So here I am now and I do like the design

Toon Court Case 090616

The  viewing audience vs The Lion Guard

Toon Court is now in session. And your attention is mandatory. The Lion King. We love it. We sang it. We probably thought it was safe to hug a lion because of it. No one can argue it's done a lot and enchanted more than a fair share of kids. But now they have a new creation and it's time to give it the once over: The Lion Guard.

So what's the story this time? Well it focuses on Lion, Simba’s second cub and the rediscovery of two things focusing on this series: The Lion Guard,and The Roar. There was a lion guard in the past and it was run by Scar. Originally whoever was leading the Lion Guard had the roar and was to keep the pride lands safe.But Scar was not running the pride lands, Mufasa was. And when Scar misused his gift, well you saw what he looked like. And that is the backstory. Now, Kion is the new leader of the Lion Guard and this time, unlike in the past, they're not all lions.

So this sounds like a good idea for a series doesn't it? Well as the saying goes, it sounds good on paper. First off, there's Bunga. Oh good lord. Bunga. While I do like there being a honey badger with a rule that's more fun than ferocious, he just comes off more annoying. Next we have that thing everyone just loves, the big lipped alligator moment. Thankfully it only happens once per episode, but it always feels unnecessary. But that seems to be the Disney formula.

But now to the two big issues. First, we have Simba. Originally I thought my gripe with him was just from the trailer movie, or the different voice. But after hearing his words, I know it's not his voice. He doesn't sound like the competent leader that I've seen him be in the movies or other media. Can't be him being new at this because he has Kiara with him. Which leads to the other issue:  A story-line paradox.  Admittedly I never watched the second movie but I know there was no mention of a Kion. Which means this whole series doesn't have any continuity for the time line. This kind of paradox is fine IF the series happens to be between two movies and then is either considered canon or just a “what if” story. Having an established story and then adding extra like this is not an easy task and just raises too many questions if handled poorly.

Well it's time to render a verdict. And I find The Lion Guard of improper tampering with the timeline, blatant misuse of the native language, big lipped alligator moments, and honey badger abuse. And I sentence you to….

The Fail Furnace.  I have to give this series the slow clap. All this time. All these licensed  series,movies, and works. And only until now do we have something bad from them. I've actually been waiting for a blemish because no franchise gets it right 100% of the time. So do not feel bad loyal viewers. Praise them for finally coming up with a stinker. Next Court Case will be something that will be better. Hopefully.  Case Dismissed!

Tooney Balooney
Well I said I was going to draw something for ToonKtriticY2K's Birthday. And then I heard the nickname "Tooney Balooney". So then this happened. Not the best bit of art but it's what happens when my brain gets going. And why a hot air balloon? Well if I have to explain....

The viewing audience vs. The Boondocks

Welcome to Toon Court. Finally making cartoons pay for crimes against the viewing audience. If they committed any.

Excuse me. Everyone, I have a brief announcement to make. Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil, and the government is lying about 9-11. Thank you for your time and good night.- Huey Freeman

When your series starts with line like that, you know controversy is going to follow. That and something that you want to watch more of. Such is the story of The Boondocks. Thing is, it didn't start as a TV series. It's a still running  (to my knowledge) comic strip series.

Created and written by Aaron McGruder, this series that aired on Adult Swim follows Riley, Huey, and Robert Jebediah “Grandad” Freeman as they just moved to suburbia and the events there. Now I'm putting things a bit vague because I don't want to spoil. But the one thing I will say is this show dealt with things not many other shows will do. I doubt any animated series has talked about race, the election of 2008, BET, and family like this show did. Hell this show got a lot of people and organizations angry at them just like South Park. I mentioned BET because they got one episode taken off the air. Another episode made fun of Tyler Perry and he didn't like it either. This show did little to shy away from people and sensitive subjects. And it flourished for it from critics and fans

With all the praise this show got, you'd think that nothing would go wrong right? Well,something did. Aaron McGruder left. Not just the TV series. But the whole franchise. So the first 3 seasons are his work. And the last was not. And watching it, it shows. There's a story line there that not even Aaron would approve in my opinion. And probably others. So yeah season 4 was not the best work and also the last season.

So I'm ready to render a verdict. The Boondocks is guilty of angering groups for comedy, making people uncomfortable, and giving the world Uncle Ruckus. And I sentence it to….

The Shelf of Awesome. One bad season can't erase 3 amazing ones. If you can handle the language,I highly recommend this series for a watch. So that's another cartoon sentenced to its rightful place.  Come back next time to see if one franchise can keep up its successful run with the public. Until then…

Court is adjourned!
Be Cool Scooby-Doo !

Welcome to Toon Court! Where the animated get admiration or annihilation. You know, when property lasts for a long time, it's no surprise that every rendition of the story will look just a little bit different. Just ask Alvin and the Chipmunks. Hmm. They're on my list but not now. Because this time in court were looking at one of the most famous dogs in animation history in his newest rendition: Be Cool Scooby-Doo!

Now I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of the chocolate Great Dane. But that won't make me lean any way with how the shown looks. And the animation style...takes a bit of getting used to. The last series that aired had a more realistic look to it. This is more toony. Is that bad? No. Does it dignify itself as being different from the group in a good way? Yes. Especially when it breaks to tell background to a location or person.

But what can sink or float a series no matter the style is the story and how everyone is written. This is unfortunately things feel off. Not the mysteries themselves, but how our mystery solvers are written. Specifically Daphne.  My God what did they do to her? Every episode she has some kind of quirk.  In one she has sock puppets, another she's wearing a beard, and in one episode she decides to dress up like a vampire. You can be eccentric without being totally random you know. The other that made me wonder the same thing that I did for Daphne is The Mystery Machine. Again, it gets some random mode every episode. And Fred is the obvious reason for it. I can take it having some, mind you  SOME things hidden (lasso, mechanical claw to name two), but turning into a sub, plane, and a mock-up of Sweet Bottom from Twisted Metal? You're pushing it. Those forms are in different episodes.  Not all the same BTW.

Well I do believe it's time I render a verdict as I can't think of much else to say. Be Cool Scooby-Doo!, I find you guilty of reckless modifications,intoxication of someone's waifu, and adaptation to a changing atmosphere. So I sentence you to…

The Good Pile. What can I say? Despite the faults I could find, they kept the spirit of the show going and I laughed even at the bad episodes. And if you can't laugh at this on premise, you've messed up. So that's it for Toon Court this time. Join up for jury duty next time when I answer the question, “can you challenge the status quo and still be funny?” Find your seat here and find out. Court is adjourned!

Welcome one and all to...Toon Court. The place where the animated can finally get the judgement they richly deserve. I've been debating on doing this and it was just a matter of how. Now why am I going the text route? Because it's not safe to make this a video on YouTube because not all  the animated series I talk about may not have praises sung about them. And I got a lot of them. But to start, I'm going to tell you about my ratings system. But how do I determine my scale? With 2 hours. If a series can keep my attention for 2 hours, it's worth watching. Why 2 hours? Because the average movie is 1 ½ hours. Add bonus features and it's another half hour. So 2 hours. A series should keep quality going for that long. And what better way to start then throw a franchise in the spotlight? Namely….Sonic the Hedgehog.  That's right. 4 levels of my ratings system can be referenced with Sonic. Shocking isn't it?

So let's start off with the top of the heap. The best of the best. #1. The highest level of my scale...The Shelf of Awesome. On this level lies only the best selection of animated gold. Don't get me wrong. These may not be perfect in every episode. You can find the bad episodes if you really look for them. But there's more than enough to recommend. And here on this level is Sonic the Hedgehog. Aka STHAM. AKA Sonic Saturday morning. Amazingly based off the still running comic book series.The story is captivating. Characters are not annoying to the point of painful. And the Robotnik is the most threatening. Bottom line the threat is real and death is a thing that can happen. Anyway, any series on this level gets high praise from me and I'd highly recommend checking it out.

The next level down we have...The Good Pile. Series here are worth watching,but the bad episodes are noticeable. The Sonic series on this level is Sonic X. I can tell many of you are now pulling out the torches and pitchforks but let me explain. 1, this series is actually anime. And 2, because it was anime, it was translated to English by 4Kids. So odds are you saw the version 4Kids gave everyone outside Japan. Still, for a series made from the Sonic Adventure games and their own stories, it wasn't bad. But if it wasn't part of a story, the episode wasn't worth remembering. So with this level, I can recommend,but not without warning.

Now we come to the bad stuff. Here lies...The Fail Furnace. Any animated series here is not good. Too many bad episodes. Maybe the premise was awful or the script painful. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog lies here. It's the first series made or rather, the one made from the original Sega Genesis games. And wow. There's good here but you gotta dig for it. On this level is a special ranking I refer to as The Guilty Pleasure Grill. It's still in the furnace and bad but it's a series that I may catch myself watching if nothing else is on.

Now you'd think that would be the lowest point in animation shows but it's not. There is a level lower. A level I could have only discovered by the chance of one terrible show and one idea from a movie clashing in my head. Ladies and gentlemen of the viewing audience, I present to you...The Dip Pit. These shows have no mercy for your eyes, ears, nor your soul. And you should not have sympathy for them either. Sonic Underground is such a show. I don't even remember the universe it came from existing outside a Sonic Super Special comic. Tell me if this sounds like a good show: Sonic and his two siblings are royalty ousted by Robotnik and have to get their thrown back by using pendants that turn into musical instruments that are also weapons. No I'm not joking. That's the premise. Now imagine Jaleel White  (who voiced Sonic in all but Sonic X) singing in three different tones, one of which is a female voice. Yes the mind can in fact vomit and I bet yours just did.

So that's my ratings, or to be more appropriate, verdict scale for animated shows. Why is Sonic Boom not mentioned? I'd prefer to judge that by itself in a proper review. But what will be the first series to be judged? You'll just have to wait and see. Until then, Toon Court is over. Court is adjourned!


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I have an interesting problem. I have the money to buy vectors for my ponysona to use for pony videos or other videos (if i get one of my fursona which i have the money for too). However, I don't have a PayPal account. Is there anyone out there who'd accept money orders (I know better then to send actual money in the mail)


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